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Indian Business Forum South e.V., Munich

The Consul General of the Consulate General of India, Munich along with Indian-origin professionals, entrepreneurs and country-managers of Indian companies based in Bayern and Baden-Wuerttemberg initiated the forming of the Indian Business Forum South (IBF South).  The IBF South is a non-profit organization which will serve to promote Indo-German business relations.

At its first meeting that was held on 12th May 2014 at the premises of the Consulate General of India in Munich, it was decided to proceed with the formalities of registration of the IBF South. Besides Mr. M. Sevala Naik, Consul General of India in Munich, who will also be the Honorary President of the IBF South, fifteen Indian-origin entrepreneurs and managers were present.

Participants of the meeting - among them, Mr. M. Sevala Naik, Consul General (center, with blue tie); Mr. Michael Gandhi,
Working President of IBF (without tie, on the right side of Consul General); Mr. Hiren Turakhia, Vice President of IBF
(to left of Consul General) as well as Mr. VSDL Surendra, Consul (Eco&Pol) seen on the extreme left of picture.

Aims of the IBF South e.V.:

  • Building and intensifying contact between its members and German industry, federations, authorities and politics.
  • Exchange and cooperation between the IBF South and German industry, federations and politics.
  • Serve as a platform to promote Indian interests, portraying India not only as a market for German products and services, but also as a source of Indian products and services.
  • Support and promote Indian companies that wish to establish themselves in Europe.
  • Encourage German industry to avail of products and services being offered by members of the IBF South.
  • Promote Indian products and services from as many branches of business and industry as possible.
  • Provide the Consulate General of India, Munich with first-hand information and status reports on the relations between Germany and India.

Activities of IBF South e.V.:

  • Creating an awareness and understanding in the German industry to the Indian point of view.
  • Interaction between the IBF South and German associations, chambers, government agencies, etc.
  • Offering members and interested parties comprehensive and in-depth information about Indian policies (existing and upcoming) and other relevant issues, again from the Indian point of view, via newsletters, seminars, etc.
  • Increasing the soft-power of India by holding cultural and information events.
  • Proactively increasing the database of potential members and German companies.

Advantages for members:

  • Acquisition of new customers and clients
  • Exclusive platform for Indian companies, entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Exchange and networking between members at all levels
  • Interesting functions and events to generate new business contacts

The Consulate General of India, Munich invites Executives/Representatives of Indian companies, Indian-origin professionals, business persons and entrepreneurs based in the states of Bavaria or Baden-Wuerttemberg to join the IBF South e.V.

Further information can be obtained from:
        Michael Gandhi (Working President)
        Oberndorferstr. 78
        78628 Rottweil
        Tel.: 0741 941 00 67
        Mob.: 0160 78 57 517

        Mr. Hiren Turakhia (Vice President)
        Anna Peters Strasse 51A
        70597 Stuttgart


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